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OTA Testing

EMT CTIA Approved OTA Test Plan 3.6.1
OTA AMS-8923 Over-The Air Test Chamber
  • Multi-Antenna Array System
  • 700 MHz - 6 GHz Frequency Range
  • Integrated DUT Alignment Laser
  • Fully Compliant Over-The-Air (OTA) Testing per Cellular (CTIAT), Wi-Fi (CWG), WiMAXT (RPT), A-GPS(CTIA) and TD-SCDMA (CTAT) Test Specifications
  • System Available for MIMO OTA (installed on test chamber)
  • A-GPS(4G/ LTE 2G/3G) using SPIRENT 8100 test system
Description of EMT OTA Test Chamber

23 dual-polarized antennas spaced every 15º, with anechoic absorber material between provide high speed, accurate and repeatable test performance. The AMS-8923 Antenna Measurement System includes a custom Multi-Antenna Array Ring. This ring houses a system of dual-polarized antennas. Together, these antennas support testing between 700 MHz and 6 GHz.

An integrated laser alignment system assists with DUT positioning. With a switch control box integrated on the ring, the test system provides fast switching between antennas for high speed testing. Its centralized system configuration supports easy maintenance and superior reliability.

EMT has a 1.3 meter path length OTA chamber which is fully accredited with NVLAP and CTIA. This is the most advanced state of the art system which is currently being assembled at several key R&D Handset Makers which would put us right on the same correlation and familiarity in the marketplace.

We also have the Spirent 8100 LTE rack which provides unique capabilities for simultaneous emulation of multi-technology (LTE, CDMA/EV-DO, UMTS RCS, RF/MIMO) and multi-cell networks (including advanced Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) emulation). We have also included DFS testing in our capabilities for FCC/ETSI, DFS regulations for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac